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It is not even their busiest day on the calendar but a stranger who has just arrived here today is convinced that they will never have another hectic day like this one in the next seven months.

There are about 50 participants in their hall holding HIV and AIDS workshop, their lodges are fully booked for the next three days,a queue at their butchery is now 20 meters long as people from a nearby Growth point drive to come and get quality meat at affordable prices ,patrons at the club enjoy ice –cold beer while watching an international soccer game from DSTV and those who just came here for braai cannot complain as there is enough beef packs, pork and chicken  suitable for ‘gochi-gochi’.

On the other side of their campus 15 men are having a lecture on how to become a best carpenter while 16 women are having training on vegetable value addition using solar driers. Inside their storeroom, you see more than 16 computers which were delivered recently for computer training earmarked to kick off soon.

As if that is not enough, you are told that half of staff are in the community where they are engaged  with communities in various  projects ranging from dam rehabilitation ,bee-keeping schools and clinic rehabilitation ,carpentry, sewing, building, nutrition gardening, small livestock production and marketing, gully reclamation to mention just but a few.

Some have even gone as far as Beitbridge where construction work is taking place to supervise their builders and carpenters who just got a contract there. This is because MDTC has an obligation in their programme to conduct follow up and support service to their ex-trainees to ensure that they are competent and able to provide their clients with quality service.

The Acting Programme Manager’s tray has a number of requests from communities, schools as well as farmers for assistance in skills training, infrastructure development services and other socio-economic needs. The wonderful job done by this organization has gone far and is being valued and appreciated by local communities and other districts.

Mwenezi Development Training Center (MDTC) has indeed transformed Mwenezi District. Although it is certain that MDTC is not the only NGO in the area, a recent visit by The Mirror to Mwenezi has proved that MDTC has done a lot in improving the people’s livelihood in Mwenezi.

In an Interview with The Mirror recently, MDTC Acting Programme Manager Miss Promise Makoni said the organization is engaged in a number of socio–economic activities aimed at improving the livelihood of the local community.

“We offer various training courses to the people in Mwenezi so that they get skills for self reliance. Normally there are no specific academic entry qualifications for participants besides interest and ability to read and write. We train people to be carpenters, builders, welders, dressmakers and practical farmers in organic and conservation farming as well as environmental protection. We are about to embark on computer training to enable community members to fit well in the world of advancing computer technology.  Besides we also train them to be competent in computer application skills. We also facilitate carpenters and builders for trade testing. We also link our students with potential clients inorder for them to be productive and reach viable markets and also closely monitor those who venture into projects such as bee-keeping, poultry, goat keeping and gardening, “said Miss Promise Makoni.

Apart from offering life skills, the Centre is doing a lot to improve education and health services through rehabilitation of schools and health centers. Small Business Expos are also conducted by the organization to enhance product marketing of products produced by our ex-trainees. Miss Makoni went on to say “Mwenezi is a very dry area so we have designed a program to rehabilitate small-medium scale dams to restore water sources that were destroyed by cyclones. We have successfully rehabilitated six dams so far and we are due to start rehabilitating Chingami Dam,” which supply Neshuro growth point, district hospital, Mwenezi Government High School and the local communities.

The organization’s Business Development and Services Officer, Mr Anthony Chirasvure said apart from the community projects MDTC runs projects aimed at generating money as a way to contribute towards the financing of program operations. The projects include boarding and lodging, conference facilities, butchery and club. We offer both traditional and convectional meals.” We offer various services to the community here so that we generate cash. Our lodges are the best in Mwenezi district, we provide number one accommodation and conference services. MDTC also sells quality meat at our butchery and beer at the club. Our food is as good as that supplied by hotels and we supply that for very reasonable prices”, said Mr Chirasvure.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Mwenezi District alluded that MDTC has done a lot of work to improve the life of the communities in Mwenezi District through various programmes and projects they conduct in communities. They have done projects like rehabilitation of dams, skills training for self reliance, school and rural health centre rehabilitation and others.

MDTC started operating in 1991 through support by various donor partners. Leitchenstein Development Services (LED) is funding MDTC from (2003-2012).  LED is funding 60% of the programmes and 80% of the community projects. Some of the programs are funded by Care Zimbabwe and SNV. MDTC is overwhelmed by a number of community needs ,therefore is looking for further funding support to finance these needs. LED has its office in Harare and is represented by Mrs Elizabeth Artzinger who also did a lot of work in visiting the projects in the district.

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